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An important Petition

In the Name of God

The compassionate, the merciful 

Captain Shahbazi's international campaign and his statement  

in condemnation of sanctions imposed upon the sale of

civilian aircraft to Iran

Extending the best regards and wishes to you all – philanthropists,

human right organisations and proud compatriots in

Iran and around the world, especially advocates and supporters of

Captain Shahbazi

We invite all of you to join  Captain Shahbazi  in his campaign 

against the unilateral sanctions  imposed on the sale of  civilian

aircraft and spare parts to Iran.

Please join him in  condemning  biased statements and  actions 

taken by some Western governments by leaving your signature

on this petition which isaimed at lifting all such sanctions.

Numerous  air  crashes  in Iran have resulted from mechanical

failure and a shortage of essential spare parts.

Numerous  innocent  people have  lost  their lives  though they 

had nothing to do with politics.

Numerous families have fallen victim to politics unwillingly and

Numerous Iranians are still mourning their loved ones who died

in such crashes.

With the hope of a happy  ending to  these bitter days,we hereby

sincerely call on people around the world  to  support us lift these

unfair sanctions placed on Iranian civil aviation, knowing that the

Almighty will be always with right-seekers.

Let us hope humanity does not close its eyes.

Let us hope politics does not take more innocent lives.

Let us hope the empowered stop mistreating others.

Let us hope  smiles  return soon on the lips of innocent children

and their worried parents by the lifting of these unfair sanction.

to vote the paper you can click on this link

+ نوشته شده در  چهارشنبه هفتم دی ۱۳۹۰ساعت 20:6  توسط reporter  | 

Time is money

Students were all reserving the food for the advent week ,some were sure about their age and they were reserving either the two week food or the 3rd week!

having seen this ,i remembered this tale from our Prophet pbu and his family

i am not sure of( i cannot grantee you) whether i can put my left foot to land after rising my right foot

+ نوشته شده در  جمعه دوم دی ۱۳۹۰ساعت 21:49  توسط reporter  | 

The center cannot hold

Having seen the caught plane by Iran, i remembered "The Second Coming" poem by William Yeats
yeah, "The center cannot hold!" thanks to the William!

the center cannot hold such oppression and unjustice.
The center SURELY cannot hold seeing poor child killed by enemies, idiot Zionists, and cannot
hold seeing most child in Iraq are being born disabled ,lacking health
as for Iran, we have been oppressed for almost a century by England,most colonists. most countries couldn't believe in their eyes that Iran can conquer England embassy or having control on American plane. BUT i just want to say these are very little of Iranian against the colonists oppressions toward our country.Are not they

i wonder how some people dare to adore England as if it is an aoutopedia for them! i really wonder how 

some people who mostly are educated are not concerned with the colonists such as England which cause many countries poor and underdeveloped of economy. so how can we adore a rubber due to the history of that country    

+ نوشته شده در  شنبه بیست و ششم آذر ۱۳۹۰ساعت 16:3  توسط reporter  | 

برای فاطمه ی عزیز

انالله و انا الیه راجعون

با نهایت تاسف ، یکی از دانشجویان دکتری نخبه ی دانشگاه تربیت معلم آذربایجان، به نام خانم فاطمه ویسی، چند روز پیش به علت مرگ" مشکوک" دار فانی را وداع گفت. ( به این علت مشکوک گفته شده است چون پزشک عمومی علت آن را خوردن قرص و مسموم شدن اعلام کرده بود؛ نه یک پزشک متخصص. همچنین آزمایش های لازم برای اعلام رسمی مرگ ایشان ، صورت نگرفته است)

برای شادی روح این خواهر گرامی و مومنه که در عرصه جهاد و دینداری و درس نمونه بودند، فاتحه ای ختم میکنیم. و از خداوند متعال برای خانواده ایشان صبر را مسئلت میداریم

1.دیروز ایمیلی برایم رسید که با خواندن این لینک خواهید یافت که اهمیت علم از نظر دین و مراجع عظامی چون آیة الله جوادی آملی چه قدر با ارزش است.

2.امروز با یکی از دانشجویان ارشد هم رشته مرحومه مغفوره دیداری داشتم ایشان ضمن تاکید بر"عدم مصرف قرص روانگردان" که بین دانشجویان شایعه شده است، اذعان داشتند که این اتهام و بهتانی است برای فردی که اهل چنین کاری نیست و خانواده ایشان را داغدار تر میکند. همچنین ایشان بر ایجاد درمانگاه شبانه روزی در دانشگاه تاکید کردند. که اگر چنین درمانگاهی می بود، ایشان تحت نظارت پزشک متخصص ملاجعه میشدند که متاسفانه تا پاسی از شب در آذرشهریک پزشک متخصص برای معاینه وجود نداشت.

+ نوشته شده در  سه شنبه بیست و دوم آذر ۱۳۹۰ساعت 18:2  توسط reporter  | 


Today i met my friend whom i had seen her in the very first day of univ!- the M.A student of psychology-  whom she had reminded me to tolerable  to the problems in life. The most interesting of her behavior which i noticed was, waiting for greeting with me! while i was washing my hand she had seen me, she was waiting till i finished my work to greet with me . i never forget that day, , said she. she introduced me to her friend. i really enjoyed her principle of talking , behaving polity with me. above all, i found her very modest

having seen her very respectful behavior , i remembered this saying

قال رسول الله (ص): کبٌروا صغارکم.

Do respect to your children, says the prophet Muhammad P.BU

Today is the Day Of Arafa -meaning "knowing" in Arabic- hope all of us "know" our position in this universe in that case we can understand better how to behave with others
Imām `Alī ibn Husayn (A.S.) says about this great day

“O Allah, this is the day of Arafah a day which you have made noble, given honor and magnified within it. You have spread your mercy, showed kindness through your pardon, made plentiful your giving and by it you have been gracious towards your servants."

 [Reference: Sahifa as-Sajjadiyyah, Du'a no. 47]

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download the audio of cafe creme1

It really is  bothersome to observe that some educational websites are filtered ! having had this problem, students find difficult to download any audio or video programs based on educational issues.

here are the french course audio file namely, Cafe Creme1,however, they are zipped. you can extract them after downloading

download the first part

download the second part

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Educational problems!! is there any one cares about....

Two days ago a meeting was held in our univ namely “evaluating educational problem”. The headmasters of literature department and the head of faculty were also there . Students could only ask questions by means of writing them on a sheet of paper… student of Arabic literature were beefing about the lack of interest in their professors in speaking Arabic in the class or lack of knowledgeable professors .

But here I wanna mention our own problem.nevertheless ,the time was limited therefor we could not discuss about all.

:I wrote some points according to our filed of studying

۱we spend learning French in 3 courses without any audio programs while learning any language requires audio programs by means of laboratory or projector system in class which we lack them in learning French. Dr. Ramazani faced the fact that it really needs a lab to learn French and he mentioned that he can share his own laptop to be used in class

 2still some professor speak Farsi and even Turkish in the class while it is no doubt forbidden . I was wondering why a student of sophomore should have such a disaster!

3there is NO English magazine or newspaper in our university ,however, the headmaster of literature faculty mentioned that we have special kind of magazine based on Persian, even if we had so, the distributing them is so poor that we had not seen even a volume of it! Mr. Ramazani promised to do something for having English magazine.

Time was limited so we could not mention about other issues

The more we get the best quality of teaching or facilities, the less we pay attention to our values based on religious …even we forget to recite a very small surah of holly Quran at the very begining of the class! It becomes old hat that in our classes the matters of western culture, technology, etc are very hot issues. We really forget that for whom we are living? For whom we are working? Why we should conceal our values?

we mistaken the meaning of everything since we still don't know what they are- the last term our essay wring professor did do- what is the meaning of democracy , to be free! ,said everybody. but no body dares to say to be free of what?!

we really fear to say that we are all Moslums and our values ought to be based on Islam

sorry for quotation mark! they are well-set in word. just i wanted to get of my chest

+ نوشته شده در  سه شنبه دهم آبان ۱۳۹۰ساعت 19:48  توسط reporter  | 

calligramme de la montre

La Cravate et la montre

Le texte :

(ici pour la compréhension: notre présentation, peu cohérente, nous le reconnaissons volontiers, n'a pas d'autres visées)

La Cravate et la montre

La cravate douloureuse que tu portes et qui t’orne, ô civilisé, ôte-la si tu veux bien respirer.


la beauté de la vie passe la douleur de mourir.

Mon cœur (avec majuscule),

les yeux,



la main,



l’infini redressé par un fou de philosophe,

les Muses aux portes de ton corps,

le bel inconnu

et le vers dantesque luisant et cadavérique,

les heures.

Il est moins 5  enfin.

Et tout sera fini. (avec majuscule)

j'expliquerai "

+ نوشته شده در  پنجشنبه پنجم آبان ۱۳۹۰ساعت 6:14  توسط reporter  | 

love school + translation by Mr. Razmjou

Today in translating literature texts ,our professor, Mr. Razmjou gave us a great free verse poem which he himself had translated it in to English, having read the poem by The late Mojtaba Kashani, i found it apt to publish it here,however the English translation will be publish the next week

در مجالی که برایم باقیست
باز همراه شما مدرسه ای می سازیم
که در آن همواره اول صبح
به زبانی ساده
مهر تدریس کنند
و بگویند خدا
خالق زیبایی
و سراینده ی عشق
آفریننده ماست

مهربانیست که ما را به نکوییدانایی
و به خود می خواند
جنتی دارد نزدیک ، زیبا و بزرگ
دوزخی دارد – به گمانم -
کوچک و بعید
در پی سودایی ست
که ببخشد ما را
و بفهماندمان
ترس ما بیرون از دایره رحمت اوست

در مجالی که برایم باقیست
باز همراه شما مدرسه ای می سازیم
که خرد را با عشق
علم را با احساس
و ریاضی را با شعر
دین را با عرفان
همه را با تشویق تدریس کنند
لای انگشت کسی
قلمی نگذارند
و نخوانند کسی را حیوان
و نگویند کسی را کودن
و معلم هر روز
روح را حاضر و غایب بکند

و به جز از ایمانش
هیچ کس چیزی را حفظ نباید بکند
مغز ها پر نشود چون انبار
قلب خالی نشود از احساس
درس هایی بدهند
که به جای مغز ، دل ها را تسخیر کند
از کتاب تاریخ
جنگ را بردارند
در کلاس انشا
هر کسی حرف دلش را بزند

غیر ممکن را از خاطره ها محو کنند
تا ، کسی بعد از این
باز همواره نگوید:"هرگز"
و به آسانی هم رنگ جماعت نشود
زنگ نقاشی تکرار شود
رنگ را در پاییز تعلیم دهند
قطره را در باران
موج را در ساحل
زندگی را در رفتن و برگشتن از قله کوه
و عبادت را در خلقت خلق

کار را در کندو
و طبیعت را در جنگل و دشت
مشق شب این باشد
که شبی چندین بار
همه تکرار کنیم :
امتحانی بشود
که بسنجد ما را
تا بفهمند چقدر
عاشق و آگه و آدم شده ایم

در مجالی که برایم باقیست
باز همراه شما مدرسه ای می سازیم
که در آن آخر وقت
به زبانی ساده
شعر تدریس کنند
و بگویند که تا فردا صبح
خالق عشق نگهدار شما

زنده یاد مجتبی کاشانی

Love School

The rest of time left to my dying cool

By your hands, I will build a new school

In which always, the morning sessions

In simple words

They will teach us just compassion

They will teach us there is a God of beauty

Singing the love song, creating eternity

He is all kind.

There’ll teach us that all mercy God

Will lead your mind to the goodness, to the knowledge

And to your SELF

He has a big, beautiful near heaven

He has – I think- a small and far away hell

He never minds for benefit or for lose

Nor he seeks for our sins to forgive us

He leads us to the wisdom.

Our fear has no way to his blessing mercy


The rest of time left to me dying cool

By your help I will build a new school

In which they teach encouragement

And we learn:

Wisdom by love

Math by poems

Religion by mysticism

Being all eyes and ears.

In that school there will be no punishment

By no way

Putting and pressing pens

Between fingers

Calling the careless kids fool figures

There the teachers deal with inner features

Nobody there should memorize


But what he can love

Not loading minds by nonsense lines

History book will have no story of wars

But the story of stars

In the compositions class, everyone will tell his words

Regardless of grammar limitations

Or just by imitations

What they feel or what they will, is precious

The word”impossible’ should be deleted off their books

Also is there, no one will dare to say “never “or “no”

Then every idea will easily grow

Nobody there has to be like the others

Not their teachers, nor mothers , nor their fathers

In painting class thoughts will gloom

Bosom colors will bloom

They will teach us to paint how de we feel

Drops in rain

Waves in water

They will teach you the life

In the way of ups and downs

In climbing mountains of minds

They will teach you to worship God

By praying and respecting poor people

All creature

They will teach you how to work in lovely nature

And not to destroy it.

And only one homework is there:

Repeat these words by their meaning and rhythm

Justice, law and Freedom

For final test they will measure our ago

To know how much do we KNOW

UNDERSTAND and LOVE for the others


The rest of time left to me dying cool

I will build, beside you a new school

In which at the ending session

They will teach us, in simple words

“Love poetry”

They teacher then will say goodbye

Let lovely God, save and support


And your foe.

Translated by Gader Razmjou

Sep 2011



+ نوشته شده در  پنجشنبه هفتم مهر ۱۳۹۰ساعت 0:0  توسط reporter  | 

Gods & Mythology




Modern Poems on Classical Myths


Nina Kossman

download Gods& mortals in 8mg size

download pdf format of "origin of gods" in size



+ نوشته شده در  سه شنبه پنجم مهر ۱۳۹۰ساعت 11:32  توسط reporter  | 

Course Information


Course Information

Download the course Information of Greek&Roman Mytholog



The rests of the given files by Dr. Mehrvand were big-sized ,therefore i could not uploaded it, however, if any one wants to have it, i can send it to her/his memorystick

+ نوشته شده در  دوشنبه چهارم مهر ۱۳۹۰ساعت 0:0  توسط reporter  | 

Think Positive

قورباغه ها

Once upon a time there was a bunch of tiny frogs..... Who arranged a running competition
روزی از روزها گروهی از قورباغه های کوچیک تصمیم گرفتند که با
هم مسابقه ی دو بدند .
The goal was to reach the top of a very high tower.
هدف مسابقه رسیدن به نوک یک برج خیلی بلند بود .
A big crowd had gathered around the tower to see the race and cheer on the contestants. ...
جمعیت زیادی برای دیدن مسابقه و تشویق قورباغه ها جمع شده بودند ...
The race began ....
و مسابقه شروع شد ....
Honestly,no one in crowd really believed that the tiny frogs would reach the top of the tower .
راستش, کسی توی جمعیت باور نداشت که قورباغه های به این کوچیکی بتوانند به نوک برج برسند ..
You heard statements such as:
شما می تونستید جمله هایی مثل اینها را بشنوید

Oh, WAY too difficult !!'
' اوه,عجب کار مشکلی !!'

They will NEVER make it to the top .'
'اونها هیچ وقت به نوک برج نمی رسند
or :
یا :
'Not a chance that they will succeed.. The tower is too high!'
'هیچ شانسی برای موفقیتشون نیست.برج خیلی بلند ه !'
The tiny frogs began collapsing. One by one ....
قورباغه های کوچیک یکی یکی شروع به افتادن کردند
Except for those, who in a fresh tempo, were climbing higher and higher ....
بجز بعضی که هنوز با حرارت داشتند بالا وبالاتر می رفتند ...

The crowd continued to yell, 'It is too difficult!!! No one will make it!'
جمعیت هنوز ادامه می داد,'خیلی مشکله!!!هیچ کس موفق نمی شه !'

More tiny frogs got tired and gave up ....
و تعداد بیشتری از قورباغه ها خسته می شدند و از ادامه دادن منصرف

But ONE continued higher and higher and higher ....
ولی فقط یکی به رفتن ادامه داد بالا, بالا و باز هم بالاتر ....

This one wouldn't give up !
این یکی نمی خواست منصرف بشه !
At the end everyone else had given up climbing the
tower. Except for the one tiny frog who, after a big effort, was the only one who reached the top !
بالاخره بقیه ازادامه ی بالا رفتن منصرف شدند.به جز اون قورباغه
کوچولو که بعد از تلاش زیاد تنها کسی بود که به نوک رسید !

THEN all of the other tiny frogs naturally wanted to
know how this one frog managed to do it ?
بقیه ی قورباغه ها مشتاقانه می خواستند بدانند او چگونه این کا ر رو
انجام داده؟
A contestant asked the tiny frog how he had found the strength to succeed and reach the goal ?
اونا ازش پرسیدند که چطور قدرت رسیدن به نوک برج و موفق شدن رو پیدا کرده؟
It turned out ....
و مشخص شد که ...

That the winner was DEAF !!!!
برنده ی مسابقه کر بوده !!!

The wisdom of this story is
Never listen to other people's tendencies to be negative or pessimistic. ... because they take your
most wonderful dreams and wishes away from you -- the ones you have in
your heart!

Always think of the power words have .
Because everything you hear and read will affect your actions
نتیجه ی اخلا قی این داستان اینه که
هیچ وقت به جملات منفی و مأیوس کننده ی دیگران گوش ندید... چون
اونا زیبا ترین رویا ها و آرزوهای شما رو ازتون می گیرند--چیز هایی که از ته دلتون آرزوشون رو دارید !
همیشه به
کلمات فکر کنید .
چون هر چیزی که می خونید یا می شنوید روی اعمال شما تأثیر میگذاره

ALWAYS be....
همیشه ....

مثبت فکر کنید !

And above all :
و بالاتر از اون

Be DEAF when people tell YOU that you cannot fulfill your dreams!
کر بشید هر وقت کسی خواست به شما بگه که به آرزوهاتون نخواهید
رسید !

Always think:
و هیشه باور داشته باشید :
God and I can do this !
من همراه خدای خودم همه کار می تونم بکنم

این متن رو به 5 كسي كه براتون اهمیت دارند بفرستید
Give them some motivation !! !
به اون ها کمی امید بدید !!
Most people walk in and out of your life......but FRIENDS Leave footprints in your heart
آدم های زیادی به زندگی شما وارد و از اون خارج میشن... ولی
دوستانتون جا پا هایی روی قلبتون جا خواهند گذاشت
+ نوشته شده در  یکشنبه سوم مهر ۱۳۹۰ساعت 12:45  توسط reporter  | 

The first day of univ

It was very soon in the morning that I went to the terminal. I did not expect to see any of my classmates there, however, I met a nice student sat beside me. She was M.A student of psychology, a very kind clever person whom she was “A” during her studying in Tabriz univ. I was beefing about the low lesson which the head master of English has given to students this term, she first was in a position of telling a suggestion I mean solving my problem, later on she said that be relax! Take your course without any haste. Since it doesn’t make you anywhere to finish your course very soon. Never think that studying is the whole part of your life you have to enjoy your life by means of going to travelling, or taking any activity which calm down you and make you a bit contented. By the way, she recommended seeking for the sources of M.A exams from the students!

 While she was telling this I was thinking about the competition occurred by taking courses I mean students like to show off themselves by taking lots of courses.

I found her very humble and modest girl. She helped me a lot, as Dr. Salahshour said God sometimes make you meet a person who will talk through your heart. And I believe she was a god-sending person!

As I expected fewer students were in the univ therefore no class was held, however, I met my friends helping for new comers to fill the registration forms. Having seen them I took some pictures

Bluetooth station was held by students

students are busy filling the forms

A student is helping the new-comer to fil the form    


other students are coping what new-comer need

فعلا تا اینجا داشته باشید!  

+ نوشته شده در  شنبه بیست و ششم شهریور ۱۳۹۰ساعت 19:24  توسط reporter  | 

Literature2+ downloadable files m

Dear Students
If yet you have not taken Literature course2 by Dr. Mehrvand,you are suppose to study Oedipus the Rex or Oedipus the king  by  Sophocles , moreover the elements of poems . you can download it by clicking the rest of the post
you can download Oedi by rich Orlaff which students had problem finding this comedy play    

ادامه مطلب
+ نوشته شده در  یکشنبه بیستم شهریور ۱۳۹۰ساعت 18:11  توسط reporter  | 

The Audio files

The audio files of simple poetry reading course by Dr. Salahshour, To
download them click on the each poem! the files are in very low sizes and in mp3 formats

                                                                  click the rest of the post

ادامه مطلب
+ نوشته شده در  پنجشنبه هفدهم شهریور ۱۳۹۰ساعت 10:18  توسط reporter  | 

the terms works

Dear English students

we are about to upload some files based on your courses which you are about to take it this term, such as Daramady bar Adabiyyate2 & simple poetry reading which mostly Dr. Salahshour is the professor of it. For memorizing a poem, you need to listen to it by natives. moreover, you can have it in your mobiles. it really helped me the previous term, nevertheless, some websites which the poems have been uploaded there, are filtered. i will beuploading them in other websites as soon, so that you can download it easily.

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the very unique class

I cannot wait being in the class, rather wait to start the class. Actually it is the only class or better to say only person I am in to it. Interested to him since his works, his speeches are based on reality.

My friends and I have been spending our summer vacation evaluating Shaheed Avini[1] essays, books and documentary films. It is the only class I can really speak my mind and to face the reality.never fear of being teased or even murmuring of students! The reality of technology, films, or what we now call it television which had been killing our times! To know something you should know the identity of it. I mean what t had been made for? If it was not created, how our life was supposed to be like? As Shaheed Avini himself explains in Ayene Jadoo [2], by TV we never mean what  systematically it is, We have to know the usage of it and wheather it has been made according to our culture or not. If not how can we conquer it based on our culture? For instance, to know TV, you should first refer to its root, cinema and to know cinema you should know novel.

The more we study his books, the more I find him an “open-minded” person. I really hate the word” open-minded” since it is not what we expect of. By open-minded I may mean a forward –looking person who already knows if you ban video using in the society[3], people especially youth would be greedier using it, by means of smuggling it as easy as ABC! Or many other facts which he had said especially in interviews. He is the jack of all triads, he not only knows logic, but he knows art too and he used art based on his culture as a matter of fact, he never became alienated from his religion or culture. The word really lacks talking about such big man,and I am not in the position of talking about him.

Sometimes I feel as if he is speaking through my heart, then I really feel his emptiness in the society.i really wish our youth whose the west and western culture has been an outopedia, get the worth of his books and go for it. I do thanks our professor scalpel explaining his works and answering our questions which we sometimes become blurred or lets say shocked of reading the books. never fear of being teased or even murmuring of students!




[1] .the word martyred lacks exactly what shaheed means in our culture that why I used Shaheed

[2] A 3-volumed books which are about his cinema essays

[3] .during 60 decay in Iran using of video was banned

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US debts

وبسایت لحظه ای و آنلاین بدهی های کشور آمریکا؛ شامل بدهی های داخلی و شهروندان آمریکا.

شاهدی بر فروپاشی اقتصاد آمریکا و البته نظام سرمایه داری غرب


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power of love

 when the power of love overcomes the love of power

the world will know peace


what the world really needs

is more love and less paper work

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when Dr. Alavi came to our university to give his speech on teaching English problems, later on our professors including Dr. Salahshour mentioned that it had been four years that an essay was posted to TELLS journal(which belongs to Dr.Alavi) but yet it had not been approved by them! Dr. Alavi, the headmaster of English language in Tehran university, however, had mentioned that an essay takes 3months to be approved .Almost most professors were surprised of it , even Dr.Mehrvand told that it happens in Tehran !

finally Dr. Alavi promised that any essay sending to his journalistic office will take less than4 months.

here is the website of TELLSI group website


Teaching English and Literature Society of Iran

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گزارش تصویری از اردوهای جهادی /تابستان امسال

وقتی که همه در زیر کولر شهر خوابیده بودیم و به تلویزیون نگاه میکردیم. از اون ساده تر، برای آب لازم جهت شستن ظرف های کثیف آشپزخانه یا دستهایمان نیازی نبود به سرچشمه برویم، برای خریدیه وسیله ساده نبایستی جاده های سنگلاخ و گلی(با کسره) را بپیماییم ، عده ای از همین هم نوعمان به روستایی محروم به نام چاراویماق رفتند. البته فرقش این است که این عده قبل از جهاد هجرت کرده بودند( به قول شهید آوینی:هجرت مقدمه جهاد است)

ادامه مطلب
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- Expelled - Democracy In America

این مستند مصاحبه با دکترها و اساتید دانشگاه های آمریکاست که فقط به دلیل انتقاد از نظریه داروین شغل خود را از دست داده و اخراج شده اند.!نمونه ای از آزادی بیان در آمریکا؛ که می توانید جهت نمایش آنلاین و دانلود به ادامه مطلب بروید.

لازم به ذکر است این مستند زیرنویس فارسی هم دارد.

ادامه مطلب
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موش زبونتو گاز گرفته!

Cat got your tongue : موش زبانت را خورده،خجالتی


?What's the matter? Cat got your tongue

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Interview With God

A website to help us feel a little closer to heaven... a gentle reminder that we are not alone. The words of the poem have inspired millions like you who share a similar mission

                                                            To see the movie online Click here

                                                                                    Download  directly           

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Annie’s interview with Stephen Colbert!

Annie the director of Story of stuff video ,whose movie had been already popular ,had have interview with Stephen Colbert .

nevertheless to see and download her video aobut story of stuff which is her10-year works click the rest of the post

ادامه مطلب
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مطالب قدیمی‌تر